Why does this space exist? It exists to bring Encouragement, Empowerment, and the courage to Embrace your purpose! After all that is the heartbeat of community and community living is Jesus living. Here you will find podcasts that encourage and stories from other brave lady conquerors who too are embracing their purposes. This isn’t just about one girl sharing her story this is about all of us sharing in the most Beautiful Love Story that ever existed and then passing around the encouragement in hopes to empower us to go and do, and be, and live the life He has called us into. This space is a haven for the weary, burnt out, and the broken. This space is also a place for the kind, compassionate, bold, encouraging women who are ready to walk in all they have been designed for! Redemption isn’t our job but through this community we will see beauty for ashes and the sweetest lemonade made from the lemons of this life. I am so happy you are here! It is my hope before you leave this space you will feel Encouraged and Empowered and most of all know that you are loved beyond measure! If I could hug you right now I would and it would be the best ever but for now let me encourage you by saying, you belong here and welcome friend!